Types of Network Security Tools

Hey Amazing Hackers, welcome back to my blogpost today I am going to cover about some sniffing tools and how hackers do use those tools thus lets get started.

As we know previously, how attackers generally target websites or databases or organizational networks by first gathering information on their weaknesses. Attackers choose appropiate tools for the class of attack they desire to launch and based on the weaknesses discovered at the target sites or networks already assesed. This will a huge topic however, I just wanted to cover briefly lets move on Information Gathering section.

The first step an attacker would take before launching an attack is to understand the environment where the attack is to be launched ( of course it is recommend if you were to launch such attacks without knowing the environment you probaly would have been catched :) ) to do so, attackers initially gather information about the network such as the number of machines, operating system, version, databases etc…

So we know how we get started to launch an attack but we will have to use some sniffing tools to access and knowing the environment thus an efficient sniffing tool is capable of capturing examining,analyzing and visualizing packets or frames traversing the network it will be really handy to use such a tool to be accessed into their system


We have covered a lot of sniffing tools which have been used overall by professional security experts. It is recommended to take a look these tools which you should fillin your experiences in this. Always read and listen carefully to security experts, you will be able to learn things that you have not heard before.

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Ahmet Göker

🦀 Reverse-Engineering 🦀Binary-Exploitation 🦀 Hardware programming 🦀Computer scientist